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Rapport tid og tidspilde

An example of reports and possibilities

The spreadsheet is an example of the transparency that could be achieved by using our APP. Not only precise time spent on total time, but also an overview on exact time spent on meetings as well as categories. It also clearly shows why Video, phone and web conferences are important.

However, this should also raise a number of questions and ideas about how to utilize the internal cost much better:

Introduction to example:

Net = the actual time registered in the smartphone calendar

P = The total time spent including transport from normal workplace to meeting place

E = Electronic meetings including video, phone and web demo and webinar

First overview is after 1-2 months has been registered and calculated for a full year

After 6 months are the actual numbers multiplied by 2 to be seen as a full year

The consequences of creating transparence over time and wasted time will be different from one company to another. However, we believe this overview gives an insight to the possibilities.

The key element is moving a number of meetings towards electronic communication. It also highlight the wasted time can be reduced by 25% or in this case 50.000 hours a year. Many companies have already increased usage of video and web tools substantially. If you get the full overview you can begin asking more detailed questions like:

  • Why using more time with one supplier than another?
  • Why more meetings in London than Lagos?
  • Why do we use so much time on customer X? do we need to involve management?
  • Can we add more hours to development?
  • If you could change 10% Internal meetings to sales or account management means 2000 hours or 1-man year improving your business with more outgoing resources.
  • If you could move 15% in manufacturing from physical meetings to Video, you could increase development by more than 3000 hours
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