WHAT WE DO: We help optimize your company`s or public travel and meeting spent including design of travel and CSR policy, supplier negotiation and implementation of agreement. Consult on technology products, identifying the best, and make it work for you. Review existing structures and through LEAN improve quality and productivity.

HOW WE DO IT: Built trust through an initial meeting online or offline. Review your data and listen to your needs, challenges and issues. Learn about your values and plans. You receive initial suggestions and a draft plan. When continuing, meet and listen to your stakeholders and, create transparency, plans, set targets and action points. Execute the plans and report the achieve targets.

Return on investment for Corporate companies and the public sector:

  • Tranaparency of your travel spent direct and indirect.
  • Point to saving opportunities and executing.
  • Achieve better resourcespent on work, meetings or activity on being done away from normal workspace.
  • We create a correlation between consumption and return.

Return on investment for travelagencies/OTA/TMC:

  • Improved customer contact
  • Real improvement in quality, upsale and production, which results in increased earnings.
  • Proposals and implementation of technology, automation, robots which will increase customer loyalty.
  • Far greater transparency and thus fewer bottlenecks and stopblocks.
  • Consistency between resource consumption and earnings.

Return on investment for Aviation:

  • Improved Distribution, ticketing, reservation and payments systems will lower your cost
  • More and better ideas utilizing your Marketing power and increase income.

Our team includes expert on global travel management, Aviation and technology. We deliver direct to companies or work as sub-suppliers to major consulting companies.


Email: om@ammconsulting.dk

Telephone +45 30 34 34 29

Website: www.ammconsulting.dk

AMM consulting are part of an international network with connections all over the world. We have been involved in consulting as well as businesses for long periods and are among the key players in travel related services for companies, travel agencies and airlines.

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